The Basics of a job interview..some just don’t get it!!

I was ROTFLMBO with some of these candid camera interviews. What can I say you just have to see them. I can’t believe that there are some that still don’t get it. LOL!

Job Interview Fail

Click Here for the living real proof OMG!!

Crack that Whip!! Is it Devo or Vevo?

Google is at it again to Crack that Whip! You know the Devo song? Well this is Vevo, a YouTube and Universal Music venture.

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This new Google venture is a premium music and video site called Vevo.  This advertiser sponsored site will be set to launch in a few months. Google states that the videos will be of a more professional quality less grainy than the ones that are on YouTube presently.

So far artists such as U2, 50 Cent and Kanye West will have their videos sponsored on the site.

I knew they weren’t finished with YouTube when they bought it, lol!

Music before his time!

Quinn Sullivan plays music before his time. This kid has a gift from God. Quinn who is 10 years old, plays the guitar with a B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Eric Clapton style.

When I read this article I said okay what kid is the media trying to exploiting now?! After listening and watching the video I was dumbfounded. Wow this kid is prodigy. How remarkable and profoundly cool! It’s really nice to see something positive about kids in the news media for a change.

When I read this article I said okay what kid is the media trying to exploiting now?! After listening and watching the video I was dumbfounded. Wow this kid is prodigy. How remarkable and profoundly cool! It’s really nice to see something positive about kids in the news media for a change.

His dad I am sure that he is just as awe struck and proud of his son. He says he gets emotional when he hears Quinn playing music before his time because he doesn’t know where it is coming from.

Well I know and it truly is a God given gift. Quinn has something special and he can even carry a tune look out music world this 10 year old kid is going to move the earth. He will effects lives in some way through his music this kid is one to watch.

He has already played with the greats, B.B. King, Buddy Guy appeared on Oprah and Ellen. He has played shows in Hampton Beach, N.H., Austin, Texas, and Chicago; he will also travel to Nashville to cut tracks for an album with songwriter/record producer Tom Hambridge.

No this is more like it and let’s have more of this more often gosh darn it!!! WTG Quinn dude.

Last 57 MINS

As I sit here counting down the last 57 mins to the new year and writing my last post for 2008,  I reflect on what 2008 meant to me.

Thanking God for the ability to still be alive and write this is always the first reflection. There have been ups and downs but the most important notion I can bring from 2008 is that I continued on no matter what!

For 2009 will be more of the same but a stronger driving and positive force has been revived in my spirit.  Not giving up no matter what.

My readers I pray that you have a wondrous, prosperous, and positive 2009!

Keep pushing positively and never give up I am sure this video will help start you on your way no matter what you embark on in 2009!

Happy New Year 2009!

You are dying, what would your last words be?

I was reading my Sunday newspaper and came across an article about this video below that talks about continuing to strive despite the odds that you are dealt.  What resonated with me was that we can’t control the cards that are dealt in life but we can choose how we play our cards.

Randy Pausch who had cancer that was eroding at his pancreas. On September 18, 2007 this computer science professor, in front of an audience of over 400 people at Carnegie Mellon University delivered a lecture called. “Really achieving your childhood dreams.” Randy shared with the audience about his cancer and that he only had months to live.  His lecture was energetic, cheerful, and darkly funny. He was lecturing like the world was his.

This lecture video that I recommend you watch is an inspiration to the book that he wrote based on the same principles.

Sadly, Randy lost his battle to pancreatic cancer on July 25th, 2008, but his legacy will continue to inspire us all, for generations to come.

Shift Happens!!

I just came from a Superintendent’s advisory meeting and we were shown this youtube video about 21st century learning.

I must say that this information in enlightening and some was familiar to me but it is interesting to see some of the statements in this video.  I wonder about these educational tidbits and what the future holds for the child for 21 century learning.  We are definitely a world that is reaching higher and higher technological grounds.

Although technology maybe expanding exponentially the human element can not be erased, duplicated, or eradicated from the equation that is one thing that computers can not do that human posses.

Take a look for yourself and if you have kids or know of school aged children consider them and what the future holds for them for 21 st century learning. If you want more information feel free to visit Karl Fisch’s award winning edublog for 2007.



As I sit here at the PC thought I would take time to ask are you overwhelmed? As I awoke this morning my brain was hurting from all the internet information that I have researched over the past months about internet marketing, promoting, product sourcing and you name it I have done it.

Forget the fact that my nickname from my friends and family is Ms. Information, watch it now careful how you say that, we all from time to time get overwhelmed.

With the MySpace, Facebook, Youtube, MyBlogLog, eBay, Amazon, Ecrater, Craiglist, MSN, Alexa, SEO, Yahoo, Google, Wagglepop, Ioffer, Jott, Twitter, stand-alone websites, subscribed newsletters, email, blogging, e-books, forums, membership sites, video, talk radio shows, Web 2.0 now web 3.0 (‘the intelligent Web’), my friend your friend and every bodies friend, it’s a wonder that there are still strangers in the world. PHEW!!!

I just sometimes have to stop and punt, relax and take the load off. Being a research and information geek, love the stuff, it was bound to happen sometime and more times than we would like to admit. I tell ya there are times when I just can’t take anymore! OMG! Information and technology just keep expanding and expanding. The more there is the more I have to know. Forget knowledge is power how about knowledge is addicting!

Yeah I know there are ways to reduce this overwhelming feeling but oblige me for a moment in my vent to say it is just sometimes to much!

The first part on the way to recovery is yes to admit it and then sit back and work through it the best you can.

Now isn’t this ironic that I am blogging about this and using the exact technology that is a part of my overwhelming feeling. Believe it or not there is some therapy here just being able to blog about it and get it out.

Well now that I have done that time to get back to the information and research seeking mode. I heard someone say, “If you ever feel overwhelmed just think you could be deceased.” Kind of morbid but there is some truth to that, huh?

Here’s to you my overwhelmed friend, now go and relax! 🙂