Grand Theft Auto 4, What gives?

Okay the only reason I am blogging about this one is that I was at the 12MID launch of this game out on XBOX 360 at Gamestop, for with my age appropriate teenager to get this game. The last time I stood in line for such a thing was when the Gameboy first came out . Brother the things parents will do for their kids.

I thought heck no one is going to be there. Please was that an understatement. It just amazes me that so many people are interested in these games I guess they don’t call it a million plus dollar industry for nothing, huh? I need to buy stock in these video game companies, honestly.

Well to boot we had to go back home because my age appropriate teenager forgot his receipt. Can you say anger, disgust, and very sleepy. Yes my teenager owes me big, lol! But I digress. After all this it seems from the explanation my teenager gave me about the wonders of this new game. The reviews are quite mixed and not as astounding as Rockstar thought it would be. Darn it I could of stayed in bed! LOL! My teenager told me that there is more territory to cover in the game, graphics are better, you can even travel on the subway, and so much more just check out the link and you can find out all about it.

Grand Theft Auto 4

My question still remains was it so important that mother had to be out at 12MID for it? I will get back with ya on that one. UGH!!! 🙂