This is IT! Michael Jackson

Get ready for another JOLT of Michael Jackson the world just can’t get enough of him.

It’s two days and counting til the movie¬† This is it with the last footage of Michael Jackson preparing for his concert tour starting in London. This rare back stage footage shows it all. Rehersals, candid shots and those famous MJ moves. The movie will¬† only be in theaters for two weeks.

Check out the website HERE

He is definitely one of a kind. Whether you are a MJ fan or not you can best believe the show times will be sold out!

Happy Birthday!

Louise Brown the worlds first test tube baby celebrated her 30th birthday today. Wow! As we know this issue has cause so much controversy over the years one can hardly image that regardless of what we feel about this issue a life is being celebrated. We hope you enjoy your birthday and have many more.

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