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I can’t believe it my favorite nuts are the cause of major recalls over the next days.

Alright you pistachio lovers we have to leave those nuts alone!

The FDA has reported cases of get this possible salmonella contamination. We barely got over the peanut recalls and now this. Ooops, I had some peanuts the other day. Oh well I am doing fine thanks for asking.

The discovery in Fresno, Calif was reported yesterday, Monday.

We have been warned to not eat pistachios or pistachios products. Goodbye trail mix, ice cream and just plain ole’ pistachio nuts.

What makes me chuckle here is that they want us to hold on to the nuts and nut products so that they can be turned in for tracking purposes. Now really do you think we are going to do that, c’mon. 😉 In the trash they go talk about money down the drain.

I would rather be safe than sorry though.

Already two people have called the FDA complaining of gastrointestinal illness that could be associated with the nuts.
Nothing has been confirmed yet.

California is the second-largest producer of pistachios in the world, wow!

The California based company Setton Pistachio sell nuts, dried fruit, edible seed was voluntarily recalling a portion of the roasted nuts it has been shipping since last fall. A Setton spokeswoman said that amounts to more than 2 million pounds of nuts. Last year, what!!

This was discovered last Tuesday when Kraft Foods Inc, notified the FDA that it had detected salmonella in roasted pistachios through routine product testing. Of course Kraft and their subsidiary recalled their Back to Nature Nantucket Blend Trail Mix the next day.

Hey reader did you hear about this? I sure did. Thank goodness I didn’t have any pistachios or pistachio products. Just think last Saturday I was really thinking about going to the store and getting some pistachio ice cream really I was, lol!

More of the story here…

We haven’t heard the end of this major recalls will be going out in the next few days so spread the word to everyone you can.

This has been a public service announcement.

Be healthy 🙂