Jet Powered bicycle? Come on!

Oh this is just too funny I had to share it. Robert Maddox designs and builds the largest pulsejet engines in the world. He has done it again but added the pulsejet engine to a bicylce. OMG! This things sound like it has digestive issues. He has reported that the bicycle can go between 50-75 MPH if someone had the guts to push it that fast, lol! This is hilarious, but that isn’t the end currently he is selling it on and wait there are 4 bids, oops 5 now bids on this item going for a whopping $810.00 plus S/H of $75.00. The auction ends on the 23rd and I am sure there will be a bidding war on this one. I am watching this one and can’t wait to see what the final winning bid is. OMG!

Here’s the Pulsejet Engine Bicycle eBay auction.

You got to love America check out the video! LOL! 🙂

Craiglist vs eBay or eBay vs Craiglist!

Well it’s time for me to update my blog and boy is there a lot in the world going on.

What is going on here? Another lawsuit we face on 4-22-08 with Craiglist and eBay.  Seems that Craiglist is saying this is “unethical” and is unfounded”. Delaware’s Court of Chancery Tuesday, alleging that Craigslist’s board of directors has entered into transactions that have “unfairly diluted eBay’s economic interest in Craigslist by more than 10 percent.”

Craiglist owner says this was out of the blue no dialogs from eBay about any of these. I just shake my head at all of the legalities we can really never know what goes on behind the scenes of big corporations. Can it be better to sometimes not even want to know about all this? I suppose if you hold stock in eBay or Craiglist it would be of importance to you.  But for most it goes on the list full of other lawsuits that come and go in the wind. One thing is for sure Craiglist is a biggie so big that eBay decided to have part ownership even if it is a minority investment of 28.4%. The eBay administration felt that Craiglist was a company worth benefiting from or they never would of bought it. As we know there have been talk over the years of eBay taking over Craiglist but only the paint and flies on the wall really know what really is cooking.

Bloggers are coming to the rescue for Craiglist stating its the competion factor and should Craiglist be really so concerned about minority shareholders, and the success of Craiglist or better yet competition is causing such a lawsuit. Bloggers are telling the Craiglist to hang in there they will come out shinning.

Here’s something to think about sue the company that you are a shareholder with. Now how does that sit with you?

Check out the tainted sorted details here.

April 16th National Walk Day!

Yesterday was the 2nd annual Start Walking Day! So we are on day two of an annual quest. I never knew they had such a thing but I commend the American Heart Association. Considering that Americans have gained over last year 20% more weight buy spending 30 mins a day that is all just 30 minutes you can start on the way to improving your cardiac rate.

Heres what they say:

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer in the U.S. And physical inactivity doubles the risk. Start! walking and start reducing your risk.

You can support the fight against heart disease by participating in National Start! Walking Day, Wednesday, April 16.

On this special day:

  • Show your support and wear your sneakers to work.
  • Take a 30-minute walk during the day.
  • Make your pledge to live a longer, healthier life.
  • Get involved in our goal to reach a million miles walked and a million dollars donated by the end of the day.*
    *Details coming soon

By joining others across the country, you’ll be a part of the solution to get America walking.

Do you need some resources? You can download the resources from this link. Scroll down to get resources.

The National Start! Walking Day Tool Kit

To get you in the walking mood why not get some great walking shoes to make you feel good? You do realize that getting the right walking shoe is important also?

Hello world just tell it!

Welcome to Utellit.

Yep that’s U-tell it, cause the world wants to know!

So I am gonna tell it….

I am an information geek that loves researching about things and well telling it. Being part of the attentive public, I think it is important to be as informed as you can about whatever you can. The more you know the better it is for you and our world. So why not join me and tell it.

This blog is about anything within the WordPress terms of service you want to tell, inform, teach, show go for it.

Being a internet marketer, blogger, eBay enthusiast you really gain a lot of information. So why not spread the wealth you just never know you might make the world a better place.

Teens and their cell phones

Okay look out this is not the only place this is happening but in Columbus, OH teens are sending nude photos of themselves or in compromising positions to each other. Now if this isn’t bad enough these pictures are being spread all over facebook, myspace, emailed to anyone who will take a look see.

I was watching for a minute the Tyra show the other day and saw teens on talking about kids in some high schools having sex in the bathrooms, classrooms with the teacher being asleep, stairwells. Besides the drugs, gambling, and killings at high schools now we have nude pictures being sent everywhere possible.

To top it off a raping, I read about was on this past Friday at a Cleveland High School. All I can say is be aware and alert to these things as much as you can for your children or children in your family. If you have a teen or know a teen talk to em they need us too.

They may play like the don’t and say, “Whatever, yeah right” but they are glad and are asking for us as adults to listen up and help. Speaking as a parent I just had to say this.

Looking out for kids check out this video below.

Question of the day?

Have you hugged you kid today, if applicable?