Hello Sunshine the Earth says, “Hello”

Hello sunshine the earth says, “Hello.” This couldn’t be a more appropriate statement said by Willie Wonka¬† in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp playing Willie Wonka.¬† I just loved the movie but his statement although quite bizarre seems to fit today being that it is Earth Day!

Happy Earth day to all earthlings! What a day to thank the earth for sustaining our lives. The earth gives so much of itself in resources, minerals and our well being it is not just enough to celebrate today but everyday. We can do so much by starting off small to conserve our energy and resources to replenish the earth.

Click the Bonsai tree below to see tips on conserving energy in the most forgot about areas.

bonsia tree

Smile at the earth today! :)f

Historical thoughts from 37 miles above?!

Will wonders never cease.

Pages from an Israeli astronaut’s diary that survived the explosion of the space shuttle Columbia and a 37-mile fall to earth are going on display this weekend for the first time in Jerusalem.

Can you believe this piece of history! WOW! Despite the burned effects of the diary it seems that scientists are going to actually see what Ilan Ramon, Israel’s first astronaut had to say before that devastating accident.

I was at my college student union when I saw the blast from the projection tv. The tv room was so quite you could hear a pin drop. It was a horrid site to see. I still remember that vision at times. Those astronauts where gone in seconds. They had no chance of survival at all.

The diary will be displayed at the Israel Museum beginning Sunday. The diary was found in a field just outside the U.S. town of Palestine, Texas.

Ramon’s wife had the diary and brought it to forensics experts and it took a year to restore and about four years to decipher.

Check out the full story here:

My goodness this must be something to see. Hopefully the Museum will place some of the pages on the net so that the whole world can view this historical momentum.