Don’t just Stand there help Santa!

Don’t just stand there help Santa!

As I was checking out the news on the net I came across this heart wrenching story from the Wall Street Journal. It caught my attention because anything related to a child’s welfare I take notice.

Children are taking on the behavior of being frugal these days due to the economy. They aren’t asking Santa for the usually frivolities they are asking for the bare essentials, homes, food, clothes.

My sorrow surmounted when I continuously read this article. Then looking at the interactive Santa map with the stories Santa’s across the states are reporting just made me say get the word out via your blog maybe someone will see it and pay attention in the Santa line this year to these children over hear and perhaps help. You never know.

Santa, Christmas

I was pleased that some Santa’s are taking it upon themselves to really take on the Santa roll and help these children and their parents. The stories are just too much and too many for anyone one to bare let alone a child.

Maybe writing to this real Santa can help I thought this site was just wonderful you just never know.

However they seem to be handling it a lot better and more sensibly than I thought. Now you will get your typical requests for PS3’s, video games and Zhu Zhu pets etc. For the most part children are listening to their parents and hearing that the economy is hurting is all.

Unemployment is slowing decreasing however as President Obama stated in his Christmas special last night jobs are still not opening up and people need help with the bare essentials, utility bills, mortgages, food. He is continuously working to reduce the rate. Meanwhile we are told to hang on as best as we can because it took us a long time to get here and the remedy will be the same if not longer.

Still my heart goes out and hopefully this holiday will still bring good tidings to those that need the help even is someone just gives a little of themselves it could help possibly multitudes. A story comes to mind loaves of bread, fish and Jesus Christ! Hmmm!

To Poop or not to Poop that is the question?

OMG! Who knew. As I was checking out some of the latest news on the net. I was just flabbergasted at what this zoo does to make Christmas ornaments that they sell.

Check out the video

Now hold on to your seats my dear readers. Get this Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington, Il are selling Christmas ornaments in their gift shop that are partly manufactured by the reindeer in their zoo.

I kid you not. The employees make decorations out of the droppings (poop) from the zoo’s two reindeer, Ealu and Rika. Ewwww!!! They are dried then clear coated and either painted or rolled in glitter.

They have been named “magical reindeer gem ornaments,” and to add a different smell to the whole thing a label of authenticity accompanies the ornament. They are $5.00 a poop at the gift shop.

The small pellets are then used to construct the decadent ornament for sell in their gifts shop.

Talk about getting a gift for the man or woman that has everything. ROTFLMBO!!:)

Now I just have to ask would you or wouldn’t you buy this for the holidays?

Get the full poopin’ story here! 🙂

(AP Photo/The Pantagraph, David Proeber)