I had to wait!!

Wait for  what you say?!!

Well after watching the new reporting of the  passing of Michael Jackson Thursday @ 6:115PM EST I just wasn’t ready to blog about it yet.

Quite frankly I am still not but had it not been for one of my readers on another blog I write I probably would of let others out there in cyberspace blog about this tragedy.

Now to add salt to the wound TMZ has posted the 911 call from Michael’s  Neverland home. Listen if you dare

I remember when I was a young teen and going the the Front Row (now extinct) in Highland Heights, OH and seeing Michael. I was sitting next to my dad and Michael ran up the aisle and boy did I let out a scream. lol! He held me back I was about an inch from him and could smell is cologne. I was so mad at my dad for stopping me but only realized that later he was protecting me from being trampled.

Anyway a great musical icon has left this world to pursue a new adventure. Deepest sympathies to the Jackson family my prayers and the worlds go out to you all during your time of sorrow.

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A magnanimous musical icon

A magnanimous musical icon

I had a friend pass earlier this week and there is an old wives tale that says death comes in threes. Well I was on alert.  Farrah Facet,  my friend and Michael Jackson. As long as I have been alive it has happen like this. Yes I know there are many more deaths that go on but these  are of ones in my direct eyesight.

I was absolutely in disbelief when I was watching the news. I said to a friend I don’t believe it you know how the news is  lets wait for an update. Of course the were plastering Michael Jackson is dead all over the ticker message at the bottom of the screen. Then the report of him not breathing and then in a coma and then the final report of him being deceased.

I was numb.  He was just there and now he is gone. Life and death being in an instant I was reminded.

Now Myspace and Ning networks have dedicated Michael Jackson fan pages and I am sure there are and will be more to come

Listen to his music and enjoy the nostaglia of the memories of where and how old you were when these songs graced your ears.  I know from Thursday to Friday night I have been innodated with the sound of  Michael Jackson and what memories theses songs have evoked.

Do you remember the time? Of the white gove. Do you remember the time?

Do you remember the time? Of the white gove. Do you remember the time?

Would you care to share your Michael Jackson memories feel free and leave me a comment it would be great to hear how he touched your life.

This just in
today 6-27-09 @ 11:23 PDT

Rest in Peace Michael I can hear your voice stilll!!!

The Walmart sting!

Yes things to happen but get this a 12 year old girl named Megan Templeton from West Virgina just wanted some watermelon. Simple huh? Well as she was grabbing for the melon in Walmart she got stung by ,now get this, a scorpion! Ouch! Time to rush her to the hospital quick before the poison goes through her blood system and she loses her life. OMG! I would be spastic as her parent. Spastic, angry and very scared. This watermelon that was imported from Mexico came with extra flavor a live scorpion that was captured while she went to the hospital for care. She is doing fine now and thank God they acted quickly and got her the care she needed. Walmart plans to investigate and watch more carefully their imports from Mexico. Honestly shouldn’t this have been done all along. Scary.

What I think……This is just one of the reason’s why I don’t shop or like Walmart!

Oil in your back yard?

With the surmounting prices of gas one just never knows where the next black gold rush maybe. How about your own back yard. Never thought of that huh? Well a man from Indiana has just that an oil rig in his back yard after being approached by a oil surveyor for a local oil company. Even though he is paying the same price for gas that we are these days, he gets it back plus more. Got to love America!

oil rig pump

Backyard oil rig.

What I think……………..Goosh darn it, I wish it were me!!

Oh Obama!

Well the trickle down theory is getting ready to be an avalanche as news reports are coming all over the states about the Democratic nomination for Barack. With a few more states for each candidate to run in the primaries. The Democratic superdelegates are stating that it is time for them to back Barack and support him to unite the Democratic party.

With more endorsements coming in everyday, the superdelegates are the ones who will decide the party’s nomination for president. The latest superdelegates are from Utah, Ohio, and Arizona, and the two Virgin Islands who had previously backed Clinton. These additions enabled Barack to surpass Clinton for the first time in the campaign.

For Clinton to regain momentum she would have to do it by a wide margin. The idea of having Barack as president is beginning to gel and what the Democratic party was waiting for was either candidate to clearly establish themselves as the clear leader. They feel Barack has done that.

Now with this turning of events superficial talks of Clinton as Obama’s Vice President are beginning to grow. See what he says it’s still early….

What I think………..Although from the beginning I was torn between the two and was concerned that both were going for the same position. I have said all along that they would be great together to run this country and get us back on track. Our economic structure has taken a huge hit with unemployment rising everyday and the cost for bare essential items surmounting it has been difficult for the American people to survive. We need a boost and they can do it as President and Vice President.

What is your point of view?

Well we know the universe knows about this one for about over a week the Texas polygamist issue. I have debated about blogging about this being a child advocate my concern is for the children. We have heard from the mothers but nothing so far as I have seen from the fathers. Why?

There are many lawyers, celebrities coming to the rescue of these children. With the DNA testing that has begun only one can wonder the fate of these children. Foster care, adoption, placement back with their parents only God knows. But I know this that no matter what happens children will be hurt in this process and they didn’t asked to be in the first place.

Check out this news casting. I will be updating on this situation.

Here’s the latest update from ABC news about the children: