Top 10 “I Can’t Believe it”


As the year rounds out I thought why not see what interested my readers by posting a Top Ten list of my most viewed blog posts from this blog? I was quite surprised being that I had never done this before to see the varied  responses from my statistics.

Hello Sunshine the Earth says, “Hello”

Stop Internet Cyber Bullying

Beat it and the beat goes on!!

Cybery Bulling and update

Fads….. Strawberry Quick and Cheese

Iron Man 2 Rocks!

A weird phenomenon, X-files and internet (Featured Post)

Crack that Whip!! Is it Devo or Vevo?

About Me

A thank you and a big surprise

Let me first thank all my readers who have come by and found something of interest to them on my blog and have shared their stories as well as telling me how my blog posts have helped them in one way or another. It brings a smile to my face to  know that my world brings value to others.

One of my top ten posts was actually my “About Me” page.  I was  surprised  that many wanted to know about me. I thought honestly who really cares but some do and it has helped them get a feel for me and see into my world through my posts. I suppose that I am not the only one wanting to know who is behind a blog, huh? 🙂 Yes I am a  real, feeling, attentive public citizen of the United States and love blogging about anything that I find interesting. This evokes a conversation, this is how we learn from each other and I love it!

For all those that are starting a blog or have an existing blog, one thing is for sure having a “About Me” page is very important for a blog. Needless to say it is very important that your reader get a feel for who you are and what interests you. It helps to know who is the person behind the blog.

What has this blog done for me? Well it has allowed me to hone in on my writing skills.  Having an BA in English,  I really didn’t think that writing was my cup of tea.  My love of information and to inform the public has driven me forward to really push myself to improve.  It has spurred me to  start writing a book!  Go figure.  It has me thinking about pursuing blogging as a career I can thank the WordPress Administration for this one being a 3 time featured blogger.  I mostly wrote about poetry but found that my reporter/journalistic  style of writing was something I really enjoyed.  I see that my English Style class has paid off, lol!

I am sure I will blog more as the new year comes and looking forward to the challenge. I love blogging as it has allowed me to be a voice among many and perhaps give my reader a new way to look at a subject. This has always and will always be the goal of my blogging ventures.

I look forward to the new year of interesting and provocative subjects to blog about. The world is full of interesting subjects that bloggers will always have something to talk and spin about.

Happy New Year and here’s to you my reader for a positive and  informative 2010!

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