Don’t blow my house down!

As the world turns but not in favor for some. The show “Extreme Make Over: Home Edition” has just declared another new home owner to foreclosure. As always in show business all we see is the glitz but the behing the scence is where the rubber mets the road.

A few of the new homeowners from the show have been having difficulties with their new found abodes. Difficulties financial has been elevated for these new homeowners with larger utility bills, higher property taxes did catch up with these new homowners.


One in particular a family with 8 kids is facing foreclosure. The Wofford family of Encinitas, California, got their house from the show five years ago, but now claim that after struggling for two years to pay their bills, foreclosure is in the fore front.

Most people think that when these new homeowners received the new house there was not a  mortgage.  Well surprise, you don’t, the home belongs to the bank and you are paying a new higher mortgage in addition to higher property tax bills, UGH!

The Woffords are fortunate in that the bank is willing to work with them to redo their loan to save their home. Not so true for an Atlanta, Gerogia recipent family of the show where they ended up in a  bad refincing deal and lost thier home.

One thing is for sure all that glitters is not gold!

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  1. What people see from the outside is not necessarily the same as what it felt like home owners.

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