Beat it and the beat goes on!!

As the days go on after the tragic and sudden death of Michael Jackson, it just amazes me of the rhetoric and the spectacle that some are making in the memory of the icon or family member as Janet his sister states.

Here is Janet Jackson speaking about her brother at last nights BET awards .

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Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson

More earthshaking news about this tragedy get unveiled.

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Dr. Conrad Murray

Dr. Conrad Murray

and the beat goes on………

Some parts of this I really don’t like my main thought was is this a father in mourning? I do realize that different people mourn differently but my gut says that you don’t talk about what you are promoting when you are talking about the passing of your family member especially your child.

Michael and Joe Jackson

Michael and Joe Jackson

One thing is for sure this is not the end with second autopsies and the grandmother trying to get custody of the children and the estate, I hope this doesn’t get messy.
My biggest concern is for the children. Michael will be remembered but it is the children that are his legacy and the nuturing and proper care/treament of them is utmost essential.

11 Responses

  1. love you michael jackson and janet jackson

  2. i luv u michael and janet

  3. i luv u jan3nt and micha3l!!!!!!!

  4. Michael You will always be in my heart you’ll never be forgotten..Blessings to the family…My Love goes to them..Prince,Paris,Blanket Keep your head up Brothers & Sister.Dont let anyone bring you guys down..God Bless U all Much Love..I’ll be there 4 All Of U..Janet Stay Confident no matter what I love U I’ll be here for U

  5. The Great

  6. Yes Ur Right

  7. love you michael jackson

  8. we are miss You

  9. I love you Michael nd Janet I will always Think off you Michael ! Don’t forget that you have many fans over here. We all think off you, all the time !
    You’r The BEST King of Pop.

  10. Строительство. Куплю утеплителя
    Требуется каменщик

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