A Dream NOT Deferred

A Salute to a voice for


Martin Luther King, Jr.

“I have a Dream”

Nice Ride Mr. President!

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Cadillac has finally released official photos of the Command-In-Chief’s new ride!

What can I say but I like it! Nice crisp lines and elegant like our CIC. Looks just like  it belongs to him . You can rest assured that all the safety and security measures are in place with this sleek vehicle. Of course they are not going to tell us the details I mean that’s common sense isn’t it?

Have to get a napkin cause it just makes your mouth water, looking like black licorice on   19.5-inch Goodyear tires. The chauffeur for past President Clinton has said that President Obama will be encased in a cocoon. The world is shut off from him in the limo. However he will have every piece of technology and communication that he needs at his fingertips.

Of course the main idea is to make the President feel safe and comfortable during his ride down Pennsylvania Avenue to the inauguration ceremony.

Very elegant Mr. President! See more pictures Here

Welcome to your new office as CIC!

Crashing into Geese?

This just in from the Associated Press:

US Airways pilot off-aired the jetliner into the cold, frigid Hudson River this afternoon (Thursday 1-15-09) after hitting a flock of geese.

All 155 people on board are rescued and safe. We could want for a better result after such a catastrophe. Flight 1549 had just taken off from LaGuardia Airport to Charlotte, N.C. when the crashed happen in the river new 48th Street in midtown Manhattan.

Hear what this eyewitness said about the flight.

It took off @ 3:26PM and minutes later went down. Pilot told his passengers, “Prepare for impact!” I couldn’t image hearing that but you know I would prepare.  I would hope to not be so panicky as to draw a blank about the instructions from the flight attendant before take off.

Beside being cold and frightened and probably seeing your life flash in front of you, I would be glad to be alive.

Thank God these passengers and flight staff are just that.

A new Qlubb!


We are moving right along in the 2009 with more and more social networking sites vying for our attention of the latest and most innovative widgets, applications and opportunities to interact with each other about our special interest.

The notion that all human beings want to belong is really being focused on these days with Social Network Marketing exploding.
The Facebook, MySpace, Ning, Twitter, FriendFeed just to name a few are taking our socializing to a new and elevated remarkable height.

A here comes Qlubb.  I must say that this site is very, very easy to work with. The one click feature of signing up no validation, confirmation emails before having your network set up is refreshing.

Being a internet/social network marketer and signing and trying all sorts of networks setting up profiles this was great and easy. I felt guilty not having to put all that information out there first before even seeing my network. I kept looking over the newly formed page I made to see if there was something that I missed, lol! I didn’t it was 1-2-3 that easy!

The only validation that is needed is when you will be sending email to your network. That makes sense.  Qlubb will  need to know you have a valid email for sending event/e-mail notices to your members.

However that is only after you have already played around on your newly formed network and tried out the bells and whistles.

Having the  years experience of moderating and leading various forums and groups, I can say that this is very straight forward and to the point.  No muss no fuss!

What really impressed me with this site other than the ease is the fact that your network is private and you have to opt in to make in public on the public time line.  Nice Qlubb nice!

The slide show that is presented to you is in a key SEM/SEO area of the page.

The ability for all members that you invite to your Qlubb to edit and change their data by modify information, add avatars, etc. is a plus. Members are automatically added to the membership rooster there is no separate place they have to go unless they want to update at some future time.

This site is for a quickie network. Take a look at this sample that Qlubb has provided as a demo. The ability to add events to the calendar get RSVP’s from members helps you and your members be more organized for events that you may schedule.

HTML can be used on some of the modules and when you first get your Qlubb network those areas are pre-filled in from Qlubb to let you know just what HTML codes you can use. They even have a site they recommend to help you out with the coding if you are a little HTML shy.

I have added a few of my own videos from YouTube in one of the HTML enable modules and was able to resize it to the size of the module. How cool I thought!

The “Useful things” module lets you place links that pertain to your Qlubb’s focus.

File and Photo sharing is a great interaction tool for members and is present on Qlubb.

I would love to see the 7 modules have the feature of being placed at another place within the page. Allowing me to have a different look.

I found that the Blurb module is twitter like for short statements that can be posted there. Having a discussion module for more in depth discussion would be a plus to have more interaction with the members. Getting to the point is the focus to me on this site, however.

This will be interesting to see how it fairs on indexing with Google and other search engines. One thing is for sure we now have another place on the net to met for a quick moment.

For a newbie to networks, this is great because of the ease. As for those who are more experienced with networks and are tired of the confirmation, validation, profiled, jumping through hoop networks here is one where you can get to the point!

Check it out and add it to your social network tool box!

Thanks Qlubb we will be watching……:)

The New Year’s Resolutions of the Stars

Have you made your New Years resolution yet? Do you even believe in New Years resolutions?

Well, just to share with you some celebs do. Just what do these star icons consider a resolution?

I thought some of these were quite interesting and yes some odd but it’s all about one’s perception I suppose. It would have been nice to see one of these celebs include in their resolution something about world peace or helping people in need.

Could that just a bit too much to chew on, ya think?

Simply Saying….



Last 57 MINS

As I sit here counting down the last 57 mins to the new year and writing my last post for 2008,  I reflect on what 2008 meant to me.

Thanking God for the ability to still be alive and write this is always the first reflection. There have been ups and downs but the most important notion I can bring from 2008 is that I continued on no matter what!

For 2009 will be more of the same but a stronger driving and positive force has been revived in my spirit.  Not giving up no matter what.

My readers I pray that you have a wondrous, prosperous, and positive 2009!

Keep pushing positively and never give up I am sure this video will help start you on your way no matter what you embark on in 2009!

Happy New Year 2009!