What’s in a name?

Well up this morning @ 7:30 AM checking out all the news headlines in my Google Reader and just had to post about this one.

Adolf Hitler Campbell,  a  3-year old,  celebrating his birthday yesterday, and his parents wanted to get his name on the cake. Yes his name is Adolf Hitler the store would not inscribe, “Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler,” on the cake.

Adolf’s parents Heath and Deborah Campbell we very upset by this, and the outpouring of angry internet postings about a newspaper article written about this incident.

As I continued reading the article the only thing that kept in my mind was the child and his happiness on his birthday. He has no control over his naming until his is of legal age to change it if you wishes.

But I will go even further here the important thing is this child and his happiness and having fun on his birthday. As a parent regardless of what the world thinks that is the ultimate goal here.

I was glad to read that this is just what they did made their son happy on his birthday.

To Poop or not to Poop that is the question?

OMG! Who knew. As I was checking out some of the latest news on the net. I was just flabbergasted at what this zoo does to make Christmas ornaments that they sell.

Check out the video

Now hold on to your seats my dear readers. Get this Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington, Il are selling Christmas ornaments in their gift shop that are partly manufactured by the reindeer in their zoo.

I kid you not. The employees make decorations out of the droppings (poop) from the zoo’s two reindeer, Ealu and Rika. Ewwww!!! They are dried then clear coated and either painted or rolled in glitter.

They have been named “magical reindeer gem ornaments,” and to add a different smell to the whole thing a label of authenticity accompanies the ornament. They are $5.00 a poop at the gift shop.

The small pellets are then used to construct the decadent ornament for sell in their gifts shop.

Talk about getting a gift for the man or woman that has everything. ROTFLMBO!!:)

Now I just have to ask would you or wouldn’t you buy this for the holidays?

Get the full poopin’ story here! 🙂

(AP Photo/The Pantagraph, David Proeber)

What would you do?

Things never cease to amaze me in this world.

The latest Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., received a phone call from President-elect Obama and hung up on him. OMG!!!

Full Story Here!

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

The State of a new Secretary

Well sometimes I think I have E.S.P. Every since president-elect has started addressing the needs of this country with his transition team on http://www.change.gov ( I would advise you to go there sometime if you haven’t), it seems that I am able to think as he seems to with what needs to be done. Can I be that in tuned with what president-elect has in mind. Is it just too common sense to know these things.

Now I am sure that I will not like every move that he makes but so far so good. What better than to make Senator Hilliary Clinton the new Secretary of State. I am just elated and glad that they both decided that this was a great move for the country. She is already beginning to outline her plans and boy this is really going to be an exciting time for the country with a renewed strength and involvement for all the American attentive public.

Get involved American in some way no matter how big or small. We all can make a difference.

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