Obama or McCain, and why?

Obama Mccain presidential canadiates

Obama and Mccain presidential canadiates

As the time nears for us to make up our minds and finalize our presidential choices, I would like to hear some political views about why your are voting for your presidential canidate. Yeah I am putting it out there cause I would like to hear some really good discussions about why you are choosing your presidential canidate.

If you are brave enough go for it! The universe wants to know!

8 Responses

  1. Obama for sure!!!
    Its time for a SMART president!
    Obama understands the need for reform, and the need for investment in health care, education and technology.
    We need OBAMA in OFFICE 🙂

  2. Thanks tsladeche pass the word about this I want to get opinions !

  3. I honestly am a bit torn about this.

    Coming from a family of strong republicans, I feel I would let my dad (rest his soul) down if I voted any different. Yet, I’m not quite happy with the way things have been going and the future is a bit unpredictable.
    Staying in prayer about this issue and waiting for the right message to show me the light.

  4. I choose the McCain/Palin ticket, because I am pro-life. That is how I vote.

  5. I don’t actually favor one presidential candidate over the other. BUT, I strongly dislike Palin, because of her ultra-conservative views. I won’t actually be voting FOR Obama, but at this point, unless something changes my mind, I will be voting AGAINST Paliin.

  6. Oh, and this is a stretch for me, because I AM conservative and pro-life. Just can’t wrap my head around even the remote possibility of having Palin as a president if something happens to McCain.

  7. I’m pro-life too. But I think everyone’s life is equal, in or out of the womb.
    I have a great many conservative values, NONE of which are reflected with today’s Republican Party. Since when did hate and division become a Republican Party value?
    McCain and Palin are inciting violence and hate at their rally’s, someone is going to end up getting hurt or killed.
    I’ll be voting for Obama, he’s all about hard work, has been married to the same women for 19years and has more of my values than the Republicans I know today.

  8. Wow this is great to hear the different views of why you are picking your candidates. Myself I am doing more research this month.

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