A thank you and a big surprise

Thank you so much to the WordPress administrators for picking my blog post for a featured blog on the home page yesterday (10-15-08). I was so surprised to see this in my stats this morning and couldn’t believe it. It is great to see that my work of 6 months was appreciated by the community and one the WordPress home page. Makes it all the worth while I thank you again for your accolade upon my post below!

Stop Poverty Day!

Looking on the net today I came across a post about Poverty. Blogactionday 2008 bloggers from all over the world will be blogging about poverty and putting a stop to it. Wow! With the way the internet is I think this is a great avenue to get a message out to stop poverty.

Check out what this blogger says about it and make it more than one day if you should be propelled to. I know I was.

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More money please!

Congressional Building

Congressional Building

Checking out the internet news today I came across this article. Now my brother, the financial analysis and stock broker told me around July that Congress is trying for another stimulus package for Americans. Well I said they are out of session now and there is a policy of make no decision in the political arena ya know, lol! No really there is. Especially since they were getting ready if not already out of session for the summer. When it comes to closing congressional sessions no decisions are made.

In this article I was reading this caught my eye:

If they are successful, a lame-duck session of Congress two weeks later would allow them to start work on a response to the credit crunch that has sent stock prices plummeting and also threatens to trigger a deep recession. It often takes two or three months for a new Congress to begin turning out legislation, particularly when a new president is settling into the White House.

On the other hand, by attempting to pass legislation next month, Democrats would have to negotiate with President George W. Bush, whose term runs until Jan. 20, 2009. Additionally, Senate Republicans, with 49 seats, could block any measure they opposed.

Yes after consulting with Obama, Democratic leaders want Congress to come back to work to start formulating another stimulus plan for Americans, per officials. We are talking $150 million. Where is this coming from? Are you concerned about the economy? I know I am I just wonder where all is this going to lead. I suppose we will have to wait until Congress mets if they do about this at all.

Full story Here

Obama or McCain, and why?

Obama Mccain presidential canadiates

Obama and Mccain presidential canadiates

As the time nears for us to make up our minds and finalize our presidential choices, I would like to hear some political views about why your are voting for your presidential canidate. Yeah I am putting it out there cause I would like to hear some really good discussions about why you are choosing your presidential canidate.

If you are brave enough go for it! The universe wants to know!

Shift Happens!!

I just came from a Superintendent’s advisory meeting and we were shown this youtube video about 21st century learning.

I must say that this information in enlightening and some was familiar to me but it is interesting to see some of the statements in this video.  I wonder about these educational tidbits and what the future holds for the child for 21 century learning.  We are definitely a world that is reaching higher and higher technological grounds.

Although technology maybe expanding exponentially the human element can not be erased, duplicated, or eradicated from the equation that is one thing that computers can not do that human posses.

Take a look for yourself and if you have kids or know of school aged children consider them and what the future holds for them for 21 st century learning. If you want more information feel free to visit Karl Fisch’s award winning edublog for 2007.

Historical thoughts from 37 miles above?!

Will wonders never cease.

Pages from an Israeli astronaut’s diary that survived the explosion of the space shuttle Columbia and a 37-mile fall to earth are going on display this weekend for the first time in Jerusalem.

Can you believe this piece of history! WOW! Despite the burned effects of the diary it seems that scientists are going to actually see what Ilan Ramon, Israel’s first astronaut had to say before that devastating accident.

I was at my college student union when I saw the blast from the projection tv. The tv room was so quite you could hear a pin drop. It was a horrid site to see. I still remember that vision at times. Those astronauts where gone in seconds. They had no chance of survival at all.

The diary will be displayed at the Israel Museum beginning Sunday. The diary was found in a field just outside the U.S. town of Palestine, Texas.

Ramon’s wife had the diary and brought it to forensics experts and it took a year to restore and about four years to decipher.

Check out the full story here:

My goodness this must be something to see. Hopefully the Museum will place some of the pages on the net so that the whole world can view this historical momentum.