Newborns exposed?!

Checking into my daily news on the net. I have come across yet again another ugly situation involving children. I feel the need to blog about it to get the word out and maybe someone can offer more assistance for these children in need.

Kaiser Permanente has just released a report that over 960 San Franciscan maternity ward children and their mothers may have been exposed to a diagnosed worker in that maternity ward that has active tuberculosis.

The worker no longer works for Kaiser and Kaiser has been contacting and informing all patients that may have been exposed. This worker was employed with Kaiser from March to Aug 08.

See the full story here.

Although this makes my blood boil that this was not caught before hand especially in a vital area as a maternity ward when babies are more susceptible to all sorts of issues, Kaiser is responding and will give the necessary antibiotics to the mothers and children. You would think that in a hospital certain extraordinary precautions would be taken especially in a maternity ward.

Thank goodness if one could make that statement that this is a common strain of the infectious diseases that antibiotics will respond well to it. What gets me here also is the statement common strain of the infectious disease, yeah I am aware of what they mean but really this is a infectious disease there is nothing common about it! Let’s not try to minimize the scare and the importance of getting help to these children and their mothers for Pete’s sake! If you know or have family from this area tell them about this. Done with my rant now, lol!