Pastor expects the worst!

Looking at the news today on the net I came across an interesting article where a 3.0 million dollar lottery winner in Long Island, NY donated his winnings to his church. Talk about a God send!

You have to read this story

Newborns exposed?!

Checking into my daily news on the net. I have come across yet again another ugly situation involving children. I feel the need to blog about it to get the word out and maybe someone can offer more assistance for these children in need.

Kaiser Permanente has just released a report that over 960 San Franciscan maternity ward children and their mothers may have been exposed to a diagnosed worker in that maternity ward that has active tuberculosis.

The worker no longer works for Kaiser and Kaiser has been contacting and informing all patients that may have been exposed. This worker was employed with Kaiser from March to Aug 08.

See the full story here.

Although this makes my blood boil that this was not caught before hand especially in a vital area as a maternity ward when babies are more susceptible to all sorts of issues, Kaiser is responding and will give the necessary antibiotics to the mothers and children. You would think that in a hospital certain extraordinary precautions would be taken especially in a maternity ward.

Thank goodness if one could make that statement that this is a common strain of the infectious diseases that antibiotics will respond well to it. What gets me here also is the statement common strain of the infectious disease, yeah I am aware of what they mean but really this is a infectious disease there is nothing common about it! Let’s not try to minimize the scare and the importance of getting help to these children and their mothers for Pete’s sake! If you know or have family from this area tell them about this. Done with my rant now, lol!

Punished for being GOOD!

Well the school year has started and school and extra-curriculum activities well increase over the months. But this is got to be the most interesting story I have read in awhile.

A 9 year old baseball pitcher has a fastball that tops speeds of 4o MPH, WOW! The right-handed baseball pitcher Jericho Scott has a mean pitch. To good for the league he is in. Other baseball teams are siting safety factors as to not allowing Jericho to pitch.

Officials for the three-year-old league, which has eight teams and about 100 players, said they will disband Jericho’s team, redistributing its players among other squads, and offered to refund $50 sign-up fees to anyone who asks for it.

Being that the league is for promoting and learning environment on the basic levels of baseball they say Jericho is too advanced for the league.

They are asking for Jericho’s parents to remove him from the league and disband his team.

Man oh man this is something, huh?

Check out the details here

What I think……. What I see here is opportunity, start your own league of more advance players or better yet a traveling team. Yes it would require some work, but there are kids that are more advanced and should have the opportunity to showcase their talents. Since when do we tell kids you are too good so you can’t participate!

What is your vote?

I received this survey from an online friend of mine. Just one question it asks what could be more simpler than that?

Cast your vote!

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Two more star icons moving on!



It seems that I have been blogging for a few days about celebrities health issues. Well today we are faced with yet two more deaths in the celebrity icon world.

Oscar-winning soul singer Isaac Hayes who, along with Al Green, James Brown and Stevie Wonder, was one of the dominant black artists in the early 1970s, died in Memphis on Sunday. He was 65. We all know him for the movie “Shaft” he was the singer that made the theme song for the movie. I remember watching it and thought it was really some great P.I. stuff.  Eventhough Samuel Jackson played a more up todate and modern figure Shaft, in the more recent version, my mind still went back the orginal version.

Issac Hayes

Then there is Bernie Mac who was in the hospital being treated for phenoumia died this past Saturday. Bernie Mac blended style, authority and a touch of self-aware bluster to make audiences laugh as well as connect with him. For Mac, who died Saturday at age 50, it was a winning mix, delivering him from a poor childhood to stardom as a standup comedian, in films including the casino heist caper “Ocean’s Eleven” and his acclaimed sitcom “The Bernie Mac Show.”


Bernie Mac


Both men will be missed as they had much to contribute to our entertainment of music and comedy.


R.I.P. Gentlemen!






As I sit here at the PC thought I would take time to ask are you overwhelmed? As I awoke this morning my brain was hurting from all the internet information that I have researched over the past months about internet marketing, promoting, product sourcing and you name it I have done it.

Forget the fact that my nickname from my friends and family is Ms. Information, watch it now careful how you say that, we all from time to time get overwhelmed.

With the MySpace, Facebook, Youtube, MyBlogLog, eBay, Amazon, Ecrater, Craiglist, MSN, Alexa, SEO, Yahoo, Google, Wagglepop, Ioffer, Jott, Twitter, stand-alone websites, subscribed newsletters, email, blogging, e-books, forums, membership sites, video, talk radio shows, Web 2.0 now web 3.0 (‘the intelligent Web’), my friend your friend and every bodies friend, it’s a wonder that there are still strangers in the world. PHEW!!!

I just sometimes have to stop and punt, relax and take the load off. Being a research and information geek, love the stuff, it was bound to happen sometime and more times than we would like to admit. I tell ya there are times when I just can’t take anymore! OMG! Information and technology just keep expanding and expanding. The more there is the more I have to know. Forget knowledge is power how about knowledge is addicting!

Yeah I know there are ways to reduce this overwhelming feeling but oblige me for a moment in my vent to say it is just sometimes to much!

The first part on the way to recovery is yes to admit it and then sit back and work through it the best you can.

Now isn’t this ironic that I am blogging about this and using the exact technology that is a part of my overwhelming feeling. Believe it or not there is some therapy here just being able to blog about it and get it out.

Well now that I have done that time to get back to the information and research seeking mode. I heard someone say, “If you ever feel overwhelmed just think you could be deceased.” Kind of morbid but there is some truth to that, huh?

Here’s to you my overwhelmed friend, now go and relax! 🙂

Happy Birthday!

Louise Brown the worlds first test tube baby celebrated her 30th birthday today. Wow! As we know this issue has cause so much controversy over the years one can hardly image that regardless of what we feel about this issue a life is being celebrated. We hope you enjoy your birthday and have many more.

Full Story HereLouise Brown

Get Well Morgan Freeman!

One of my favorite actors was in a horrible accident in Mississippi where his car flipped over several times, left the road and ended up in a ditch today. He has been life flighted to the near hospital facility in critical condition.

He had to be cut from the vehicle and of course was showing off his sense of humor with his rescuers.

I pray that all will be well with this Oscar award winning actor and offer him and his family a speedy recovery. You have still much to do Morgan so get well!

Morgan Freeman
Full Story Here



This just in!! Morgan is doing well and recouperating steadily per his doctors. Glad, glad to hear it wtg Morgan!!!