Obama vs McClain on eBay!

This little interesting widget I found and thought it would be interesting to share with my readers.

It seems that eBays sells for Obama items are exponentially out selling McClain items. I don’t know exactly how and if this reflects on the Presidential race but none the less here is the information you can decided for yourself.

The data is updated in real-time.

The Presidential Race

Ebay changes ?

I came across this video and thought that it would be interesting to post. I will be coming his site to see what informational tips and suggestions he has about internet marketing.  He most assuredly offers a different view and perhaps there is something that can be gleaned from this all.

Ebay changes!

There has been many changes with eBay and finally eBay is listening and making some changes most recent neutral feedback will be removed from sellers feedback and feedback will be recalculated. The feedback rating is a rating that is scored based on the buyer and their experience with the seller.  Only time will tell what other changes will results one can only stand still and see.