The Walmart sting!

Yes things to happen but get this a 12 year old girl named Megan Templeton from West Virgina just wanted some watermelon. Simple huh? Well as she was grabbing for the melon in Walmart she got stung by ,now get this, a scorpion! Ouch! Time to rush her to the hospital quick before the poison goes through her blood system and she loses her life. OMG! I would be spastic as her parent. Spastic, angry and very scared. This watermelon that was imported from Mexico came with extra flavor a live scorpion that was captured while she went to the hospital for care. She is doing fine now and thank God they acted quickly and got her the care she needed. Walmart plans to investigate and watch more carefully their imports from Mexico. Honestly shouldn’t this have been done all along. Scary.

What I think……This is just one of the reason’s why I don’t shop or like Walmart!

Oil in your back yard?

With the surmounting prices of gas one just never knows where the next black gold rush maybe. How about your own back yard. Never thought of that huh? Well a man from Indiana has just that an oil rig in his back yard after being approached by a oil surveyor for a local oil company. Even though he is paying the same price for gas that we are these days, he gets it back plus more. Got to love America!

oil rig pump

Backyard oil rig.

What I think……………..Goosh darn it, I wish it were me!!