The Walmart sting!

Yes things to happen but get this a 12 year old girl named Megan Templeton from West Virgina just wanted some watermelon. Simple huh? Well as she was grabbing for the melon in Walmart she got stung by ,now get this, a scorpion! Ouch! Time to rush her to the hospital quick before the poison goes through her blood system and she loses her life. OMG! I would be spastic as her parent. Spastic, angry and very scared. This watermelon that was imported from Mexico came with extra flavor a live scorpion that was captured while she went to the hospital for care. She is doing fine now and thank God they acted quickly and got her the care she needed. Walmart plans to investigate and watch more carefully their imports from Mexico. Honestly shouldn’t this have been done all along. Scary.

What I think……This is just one of the reason’s why I don’t shop or like Walmart!

Oil in your back yard?

With the surmounting prices of gas one just never knows where the next black gold rush maybe. How about your own back yard. Never thought of that huh? Well a man from Indiana has just that an oil rig in his back yard after being approached by a oil surveyor for a local oil company. Even though he is paying the same price for gas that we are these days, he gets it back plus more. Got to love America!

oil rig pump

Backyard oil rig.

What I think……………..Goosh darn it, I wish it were me!!

A chip off the old Stonehenge!

Why do people try to destroy all we have for memory, intrigue, and traces of history?

Vandals used a hammer and screwdriver to vandalize the Stonehenge ancient monument, the first such incident for decades, as was reported by official Thursday.

The night-time attack by two men last week involved the central megalith in the 5,000-year-old ring of standing stones, with English Heritage saying the vandals could have been looking for a souvenir.

A chip of stone about the size of a large coin was removed, while a 2.5-inch long scratch was left on the Heel Stone, at the center of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, near Salisbury.

Well lets keep a look out on eBay just to see if these vandals try to auction off the pieces. Most more than likely they will try something assign. This wasn’t done for a joke or prank purposes I believe they wanted something out of this. Wrong doing never goes without punishment. Brother!

One of my favorite charity auctions..

Being a Warren Buffet fan I just love it when this auction comes up! Still working on buying stock with Berkshire Hathaway, lol! 😉

Just wanted to give you the heads up that it is coming soon and being administered by a great company, Kompolt-online auction agency.

Warren Buffet eBay auction

Warren Buffet

Well well I just saw this and had to add it to this blog of one of my favorite investors to learn from.

Warren Buffet backs Obama!

LifeLock has become UNLOCKED!

Have you seen this commercial?

As I am browsing the internet for my usual morning news, I come across this article about how the company that is supposed to protect your identity called Lifelock has a $1 million lawsuit pending in Arizona for misleading the public about their services as well as Maryland, New Jersey, and West Virginia. This is the guy that drives around in a white semi with his actual social security written on the truck and his bull horn siting that his company will protect your identity  to prove the ability and strength of his company has in protecting you. Better think again!

Lifelock is UNLOCKED!

The owner Todd Davis has had his identity stolen once by a guy who applied for a Payday loan and this guy took Davis for a total of $500.00. OMG! This just too ironic as they say just live a little longer. Lifelock was charging $10.00/month for their service that they will protect your vital financial information from identity theft. Yeah right it didn’t work for Davis. I feel sorry for those who got hooked into this hopefully they will be able to recoup. He states that is only because payday loans doesn’t use the three major credit reporting bureaus to check people’s credit records. He has no credit alerts or any derogatory fraudulent activity on any of his three credit reports. Honesty isn’t once too much?

There is nothing that can totally protect your identity if a theft wants it that bad. Junk mail and credit pre-approval offers why pay a company to do that when you can do this free. Just go the the three credit bureaus and find the “opt out” link and follow the instructions takes less than 10 minutes at the most.

I have done it that reminds me it is time to do it again I think it only lasts for somewhere about 5-7 years but you can investigate that yourself on the web.

Here is the Wikipedia and federal government information that can help you with all sorts of opt out areas from email on down to your cell phone. I have done many and it does cut down the junk and solicitations. Again it is free. Why pay someone money when you can do this yourself the government even has a website dedicated just to this.

Federal Government “Opt Out Info”

Wikipedia Opt Out

OR you can Call 1-888-5-OPTOUT (1-888-567-8688) all for free!

I will leave you with this quote:

There’s been a lot of marketing, a lot of hype about LifeLock,” said Paul Stephens, director of policy and advocacy with the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization. “The question is, ‘How much protection does it really buy you?'”

“There is no company that can guarantee they can protect you (completely) against identity theft,” Stephens said. “Absolutely nobody can do that.”

OMG! 😉

Jet Powered bicycle? Come on!

Oh this is just too funny I had to share it. Robert Maddox designs and builds the largest pulsejet engines in the world. He has done it again but added the pulsejet engine to a bicylce. OMG! This things sound like it has digestive issues. He has reported that the bicycle can go between 50-75 MPH if someone had the guts to push it that fast, lol! This is hilarious, but that isn’t the end currently he is selling it on and wait there are 4 bids, oops 5 now bids on this item going for a whopping $810.00 plus S/H of $75.00. The auction ends on the 23rd and I am sure there will be a bidding war on this one. I am watching this one and can’t wait to see what the final winning bid is. OMG!

Here’s the Pulsejet Engine Bicycle eBay auction.

You got to love America check out the video! LOL! 🙂

Are you a Liar or a LIAR?

I came across this today while searching on the net. Don’t ask me how I got to this video believe me with the internet one never knows and it is hard to retrace your steps, lol. None the less watch this video and tell me what you think and if you are a liar or LIAR ?

Click on the image to view video

So, what do ya think?

“Stop Internet Cyber Bullying”

I blogged earlier about the safety measures that MySpace and Facebook are implementing on their sites. Today there has been breaking news of a story that is very sad to say the least.

A 13-year-old girl has committed suicide due to a perpetrating hoax of online harassment by another MySpace user. It seems that the culprit used MySpace as a joke posing as a young teenage male who met up with with this 13-year old girl.

Lori Drew of suburban St. Louis (an adult neighbor of Megan and her family) allegedly helped create a false-identity MySpace account to contact Megan Meier, who thought she was chatting with a 16-year-old boy named Josh Evans. Josh didn’t exist. Megan had a crush on Josh who was on medication and the bullying got exponentially out of hand.

Click video for updating story

Megan hanged herself at home in October 2006 after receiving cruel messages, that the world would be better off without her. After this event the account of the non-existent Josh Evans was deleted.

The non-existent Josh felt things were getting out of hand and decided to write and send cruel messages to Megan to get her mad so that she would delete him off her “friends” list.

Salvador Hernandez, assistant agent in charge of the Los Angeles FBI office, called the case heart-rending. The Internet is a world unto itself. People must know how far they can go before they must stop. They exploited a young girl’s weaknesses,” Hernandez said. “Whether the defendant (Lori Drew) could have foreseen the results, she’s responsible for her actions.”

The Los Angeles grand jury has just indited Lori Drew in 4 charges against her of this horrific situation. This clearly violates the TOS for MySpace by providing false information to obtain a MySpace account. This is one of the first cases of prosecution of Cyber Bullying.

What I think…….. More and more we know that bullying of any kind can lead to disastrous actions. We never know what can set a person off to devastating measures. My concern is of the adult in this situation. Why do this in the first place, and the second place if it was felt the situation was going to far, why wasn’t the account deleted before further bullying had been written? The mind of the adult here was not too sound to speak of to have the time to do this when there are so many activities in life that adults have to tend to. Why bully a teenage neighbor ? This is very sad very sad. This is not the first case but of Cyber bullying and it won’t be the last but one thing is for sure that maybe this case will allow for more of an outreach and awareness for all intended in the use of the internet and social sites.

Well ain’t this a kick in the head!

The beat goes on with the news about the attorney general for the state of Ohio Marc Dan. Will he be dis barred? Evidently there is a sexual harassment suite under investigation for Dan. He admits to having a tawdry affair with an aide of his.

Married , he apologized to his wife and supporters. But would not step down until today when he resigned. Quote, “I did not create an atmosphere in my public and personal life that is consistent with the important mission of the Office of Attorney General.” “I am heartbroken by my failure to recognize the problems being created and by my failure to stop them.”

The investigation uncovered a seedy underside to the office rife with booze, profanity, inappropriate sexual activity, misuse of state vehicles and on-the-job threats involving the Mafia. This has resulted in many resignations and numerous personnel being fired.

What a big blow for Ohio in law now the rush is on for a replacement for the up and coming elections this year.

Full story here!

What do I think……The chains and scales of Lady Justice have been burned to a crisp.

Laughing Gas! LOL!

With all the latest back and forth talk about a gas tax for us over taxed Americans. Our good friend Garfield has a thought about the whole tawdry deal.

Take it away Garfield.

A lot of folks can’t understand how we came to have an oil shortage here in our country.

~~~ Well, there’s a very simple answer.

~~~ Nobody bothered to check the oil.

~~~ We just didn’t know we were getting low.
The reason for that is purely

~~~ Our OIL
is located in :


~~~ California

~~~ Coastal Florida

~~~ Coastal Louisiana

~~~ Wyoming

~~~ Colorado
~~~ Kansas

~~~ Oklahoma

~~~ Pennsylvania and

~~~ Texas

Our dipsticks are located in DC.

Any Questions? NO?…Didn’t think So.