Craiglist vs eBay or eBay vs Craiglist!

Well it’s time for me to update my blog and boy is there a lot in the world going on.

What is going on here? Another lawsuit we face on 4-22-08 with Craiglist and eBay.  Seems that Craiglist is saying this is “unethical” and is unfounded”. Delaware’s Court of Chancery Tuesday, alleging that Craigslist’s board of directors has entered into transactions that have “unfairly diluted eBay’s economic interest in Craigslist by more than 10 percent.”

Craiglist owner says this was out of the blue no dialogs from eBay about any of these. I just shake my head at all of the legalities we can really never know what goes on behind the scenes of big corporations. Can it be better to sometimes not even want to know about all this? I suppose if you hold stock in eBay or Craiglist it would be of importance to you.  But for most it goes on the list full of other lawsuits that come and go in the wind. One thing is for sure Craiglist is a biggie so big that eBay decided to have part ownership even if it is a minority investment of 28.4%. The eBay administration felt that Craiglist was a company worth benefiting from or they never would of bought it. As we know there have been talk over the years of eBay taking over Craiglist but only the paint and flies on the wall really know what really is cooking.

Bloggers are coming to the rescue for Craiglist stating its the competion factor and should Craiglist be really so concerned about minority shareholders, and the success of Craiglist or better yet competition is causing such a lawsuit. Bloggers are telling the Craiglist to hang in there they will come out shinning.

Here’s something to think about sue the company that you are a shareholder with. Now how does that sit with you?

Check out the tainted sorted details here.

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